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Delivering on Value and Savings

Caring for patients with a rare disease, and handling dispenses for drugs that have complex delivery or administration requirements, is a responsibility that we take pride in performing. We focus on providing the members under our care with quality services, delivered with empathy, and underlined by continuous monitoring of cost control and cost avoidance opportunities.


Orsini works closely with our pharma clients and partners to deliver customized programs and services that achieve high medication compliance and improved outcomes.


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Our customized services for payers and their members include:​



We design therapy specific programs that provide education and intervention that helps members manage their health condition, become more compliant and avoid future hospitalizations. Our clinical staff provides counseling on drug administration and storage, compliance, and side-effect management.


We perform in-depth investigations to determine if a patient has access to multiple payers, co-pay programs and third-party foundation support. This ensures the appropriate primary, secondary and tertiary payer is billed, which can result in savings to both the member and payer.


We manage the coordination of care between prescribers, sites of care, nurses and members to ensure dispenses and drug delivery align with the date and location of service. This coordination, across providers and settings, improves outcomes, the quality of care, and reduces spending associated to unnecessary hospitalizations, ER utilization, repeat diagnostic testing, repeat medical histories, multiple prescriptions, and adverse drug interactions.


We administer a nationwide nursing network, allowing members to pursue in-home treatment or receive training on self-administrated drugs. Our nurses are ideally positioned to establish a partnership with members and their families in order to provide clinical education and coaching that strengthen the member's capacity towards goal achievement, resulting in further savings.


We do not ship to members without first confirming a need. This helps to ensures unused medication does not pile up.


Orsini's proprietary systems collect critical metrics on clinical demographics, interventions and outcomes that are important to our payer partners so that they can refine program models and formulary designs to the benefit of their members.