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Rare Diseases & Gene Therapies are our Specialty


Orsini Specialty Pharmacy is a nationwide specialty pharmacy focused on providing exceptional care to patients throughout their journey. We focus on disease programs that require a high-touch patient experience and provide those we care for genuine empathy and compassion as part of our service delivery.

Whether our patients are cared for in a health care facility, doctor's office, or home setting, Orsini provides a unique combination of professional services, clinical teams, medical products, and a full-service pharmacy. For complex medical conditions as well as routine health needs, we deliver complete solutions with one-call simplicity- to improve the quality of care and enhance the quality of life. We deliver the guidance, confidence and expertise that is essential for successful outcomes.


Our approach is guided by our mission to serve with compassion, equality, excellence, and partnership.

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What is a Specialty Pharmacy?

A specialty pharmacy manages the handling and service requirements of high-cost, high-complexity, and/or high-touch specialty pharmaceuticals, including dispensing, distribution, reimbursement, case management, and other services specific to patients with rare and/or chronic diseases.


Orsini's specialty pharmacy provides significant value in our services delivery, including ...


  • Compassionate and empathetic clinical care
  • 24/7 access to a pharmacist
  • Help you understand your co-pay and out-of-pocket costs
  • Information about third-party Financial Assistance
  • Free delivery of medication and ancillary supplies
  • Initial consultation with pharmacist at start of therapy
  • Dose reminders made by phone, email or text message


  • Compassionate and empathetic clinical care
  • Clinical and administrative expertise and support
  • 24/7/365 access to a pharmacist
  • Prior authorization and appeal support
  • Coordination of care and on-time delivery of medication
  • Free delivery of medication and ancillary supplies
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  • Compassionate and empathetic clinical care
  • Disease therapy management
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Coordination of care
  • In-home patient- family-centric care
  • Waste mitigation
  • Business Intelligence


  • Compassionate and empathetic clinical care
  • Referral and prescription processing
  • Reimbursement, co-pay & financial assistance
  • Nurse coordination and management
  • Quick Start programs (Clinical, PAP, Bridge)
  • Highly customizable, scalable HUB and data services
  • Private label programs