About Cell and Gene Therapies

Cell and gene therapies represent cutting-edge medical approaches that hold immense promise for treating rare diseases. Cell therapy involves the infusion or transplantation of living cells, often

engineered or modified, into a patient's body to restore or enhance their function. Gene therapies alter faulty genes or replace them with healthy ones to correct genetic disorders at the molecular level.


These innovative treatments offer targeted and potentially curative solutions for rare diseases by addressing the underlying causes rather than just alleviating symptoms. By harnessing the power of genetics and cellular biology, cell and gene therapies pave the way for personalized medicine, providing hope to patients with conditions that were previously considered untreatable.


The Orsini team is proud to support six cell and gene therapies, partnering with physicians to connect eligible patients with treatment. Watch as our pharmacy team receives, inspects, and labels a gene therapy product on its journey to a hemophilia B patient.

Meet Our Team


Our dedicated Cell and Gene Therapy Care Team works with physician's offices and insurance companies on a patient's behalf so that our patients have more time to focus on their treatment and quality of life. We are here to listen, provide counseling on treatment (including side-effect management), and assist with sourcing third-party financial assistance.


(Left) Joseph Keeler, Cell and Gene Therapy Representative; (Center) Allison Droba, Cell and Gene Therapy Operations Manager; (Right) Yvonne Martinez, Cell and Gene Therapy Case Manager

As part of treatment, we provide:

Single Point of Contact

Practices work with a single point of contact who supports the physicians and their teams. This dedicated contact is available via phone, email, and fax.

Dedicated Cell and Gene Therapy Care Team

Our empathetic and specialized team is dedicated to supporting both physicians and patients throughout the entire treatment journey.

Coordinated and Timely Care

On average, we can process any new cell and gene patient in 5-7 business days and schedule shipment to the appropriate facility.

Payor Coverage

Orsini has established national contracts with commercial payers and Medicaid, ensuring that patients have access to the therapies they need.

24/7/365 Access to a Pharmacist

We provide prescribers and patients access to a pharmacist 24/7/365 to ensure patients are always cared for.

Enrollment Forms for Supported Therapies

We look forward to working with you. 

Licensed prescribers can submit a completed enrollment form according to the directions listed in the form. 


ELEVIDYS® (delandistrogene moxeparvovec-rokl)


HEMGENIX® (etranacogene dezaparvovec-drlb)


MACI® (autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane)


ROCTAVIAN (valoctocogene - roxaparvovec-rvox)


VYJUVEK (beremagene geperpavec-svdt)


ZOLGENSMA® (onasemnogene abeparvovec-xioi)



For questions about cell and gene therapy referrals, healthcare providers can contact our Cell and Gene Therapy Operations Manager, Allison Droba, by email at adroba@orsinihc.com.