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Now In Stock: ADZYNMA (ADAMTS13, recombinant-krhn), for patients with cTTP

ADZYNMA (ADAMTS13, recombinant-krhn) is now in stock with Orsini and ready for distribution. Orsini is the exclusive specialty pharmacy partner for ADZYNMA, approved by the FDA for prophylactic or on demand enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) in adult and pediatric patients with congenital thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (cTTP). ADZYNMA is the first and only FDA-approved recombinant ADAMTS13 (rADAMTS13) enzyme replacement therapy for people with cTTP designed to address the root cause of the condition, an ADAMTS13 enzyme deficiency. Read the Full Prescribing Information here.

cTTP is an ultra-rare, chronic and debilitating blood clotting disorder caused by a deficiency in the ADAMTS13 enzyme associated with life-threatening acute events and debilitating chronic symptoms or manifestations. When left untreated, acute TTP events have a mortality rate of >90%.

Access the ADZYNMA enrollment form, or contact the ERT Care Team at (800) 720-0789 or to learn more.