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Orthopedics Center of Excellence

Supporting patients living with a rare orthopedics condition

Orsini’s Orthopedics Center of Excellence launched in 2016 with our first program for cartilage defect repair. Our dedicated Therapy Care Teams work with the physician’s office and insurance on a patient’s behalf so that our patients and their family have more time to focus on their treatment and quality of life. We are here to listen, provide counseling on treatment, including side-effect management, and assist with sourcing third-party financial assistance.

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Improving the Patient Experience, Every Time

Dedicated Care Team

Receive personalized support from a dedicated Therapy Care Team, including a primary pharmacy contact, clinical education, side-effects management, and scheduled refill calls.

Patient-Centered Care

Experience compassionate care that prioritizes patients and their families. Our team supports patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, extending care to the entire care team.

Insurance Coverage

Secure treatment coverage with assistance navigating payor and plan requirements. Our team proactively works with prescribers to obtain prior authorization and support appeals.

Free Care Overnight Shipping

Ensure medication and essential medical supplies arrive when and where patients need them through coordination across prescribers, patients, and care teams to arrange free overnight shipping.

Financial Assistance

Minimize financial exposure through financial assistance programs. We successfully identify and assist in enrolling patients into manufacturer co-pay and foundation support programs.

24/7/365 Access to a Pharmacist

Gain continuous access to a pharmacist, 24/7/365, ensuring ongoing care and clinical support for patients and prescribers to achieve better outcomes.


Orthopedic Conditions Supported

Explore the orthopedic conditions Orsini supports below.

About Cartilage Defect Repair

Cartilage is the tough but flexible tissue that covers the ends of your bones at a joint. Healthy cartilage helps people move by allowing the bones to glide over each other. It also protects bones by preventing them from rubbing against each other. Unlike other tissues, cartilage does not repair itself and can become a chronic problem, often getting worse as time goes on. If conservative treatment does not work to relieve pain, surgery is often the answer.

Cartilage Defect Repair Therapies Supported

Full Name MACI® (autologous cultured chondrocytes on a porcine collagen membrane)
Manufacturer Vericel Corporation
Route of Administration Surgery
Site of Care Healthcare Facility
Approved Indication The repair of symptomatic, single or multiple full-thickness cartilage defects of the knee with or without bone involvement in adults
Disease Cartilage Defect Repair
Therapeutic Area Orthopedics; Cell & Gene Therapy
Enrollment Form Link MACI Enrollment Form
Phone Number 800-388-1903
Fax Number N/A
Product Website