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What Makes Orsini Special? Meet Our Specialty Pharmacists

We’re proud to introduce a few members of Orsini’s team of specialty pharmacists, the engine that drives our patient-centric organization. As we shared in the blog, “Six Reasons the Specialty Pharmacist Is Increasingly Important,” specialty pharmacists are uniquely positioned to positively impact the management of therapies for complex conditions at every critical point in the process. Each of our pharmacists has many responsibilities that include counseling and educating patients, helping ensure access to therapies, and maintaining vital communication with healthcare providers regarding patient response to treatment. Please get to know some of our dedicated team members below.

Specialty Pharmacist, M.P.*

At Orsini: Almost 2 years

Prior experience: 25 years in retail pharmacy

Why I’m inspired to be a pharmacist: This is an occupation where you continually move forward in the healthcare industry with a constant stream of new drugs and therapies.

What I like most about working at Orsini: We’re not dealing with traditional illness, and the opportunity to make a difference in our patients’ lives is incredibly rewarding. As an Orsini specialty pharmacist, I get to know our patients and their families well and see how the medication and services we provide enable them to live better. Recently I shared the happiness of a mother whose child is being treated with one of our therapies. She told me how thrilled she was that he finally had enough energy from the medication to experience a normal part of childhood and attend a playdate.

Fun fact about me: While everyone was working from home during COVID-19, I decided it was the right time to look for a job that took me out of the house. Timing is everything! I was so fortunate to find a wonderful career opportunity as a specialty pharmacist at Orsini and completely immersed myself in it.

Specialty Pharmacist, J.M.

At Orsini: 1.5 years

Prior experience: 15 years in the field, including working in a long-term care pharmacy and retail.

Why I’m inspired to be a pharmacist: Helping a specific patient population is both a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It requires compassion, empathy, and the ability to put yourself in their shoes.

What I like most about working at Orsini: The opportunity to talk and interact with patients who have rare or complex conditions is a gift. I work through dosage questions, delivery issues, anything else they need to ensure they get their medication. It’s so gratifying to help people who otherwise may not have received any assistance at all.

Fun fact about me: I originally intended to be a grade school teacher! But I also wanted to pursue a career in science. As a specialty pharmacist, I can combine my passion for teaching and science in an enriching way.

Specialty Pharmacist, S.J.

At Orsini: 4 months

Prior experience: Hospital pharmacy and at a major retail pharmacy chain

Why I’m inspired to be a pharmacist: The knowledge that one pill can change a person’s life. Pharmacists are one of the most accessible health care providers who can offer expertise and care to patients in need.

What I like most about working at Orsini: Our 24/7 on-call service means patients can always reach us with questions, even in the middle of the night. Issues can occur anytime, and I’m so glad patients always have someone to rely on here. Our culture is relaxed and friendly while also focusing on efficiency and responsiveness.

Fun fact about me: I come from a healthcare family. My mom is a nurse, my brother is a doctor, and my sister is a fellow pharmacist who encouraged me to enter the field.

*Note: To preserve our employees’ privacy, only initials are provided for this online posting, but their comments are shared in full.

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