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White Paper: Optimizing Patient Care in Rare Hematologic Conditions: Novel Therapies in Classical Hematology and the Role of Specialty Pharmacy in Driving Enhanced Outcomes

In the ever-evolving realm of medical specialties, new developments in oncology have recently grabbed the most headlines. Classical hematology (also called benign or non-malignant hematology) has often lingered in the background, overshadowed by the prominence of hematologic oncology. This field, which is focused on blood components and hemostasis, includes diseases like hemophilia A and B, sickle cell disease (SCD), beta-thalassemia, anemia, and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.

However, the year 2024 ushers in a transformative era for hematology, marked by a wave of groundbreaking advancements and novel approaches. As the landscape of possibilities broadens, the need intensifies for patients, hematologists, biopharma, and payors alike to navigate this unfolding terrain.

Download the white paper to learn the latest hematology developments and discover the value of specialty pharmacies within this ecosystem. We will cover:

  • Traditional approaches to treatment and the substantial progress made in hematology
  • The promise of gene therapies in treating classical hematologic conditions
  • The intricacies of formulary management, prior authorization, and network considerations with payors
  • Trends, potential hurdles, and new opportunities that will influence the trajectory of hematology treatment
  • Practical insights for ensuring that hematologic innovations reach those who need them most.

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Download the White Paper