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Choosing a Specialty Pharmacy to Support Hereditary Angioedema

Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) is an inherited genetic disorder that can affect the autoimmune system causing recurrent episodes of severe swelling, most commonly in the limbs, face, intestines and airway. The condition is a result of low levels or improper functioning of a protein called C1 inhibitor. While minor trauma or stress can trigger an attack, swelling often occurs without a known trigger. Untreated, attacks can occur much more frequently, with some reported cases of daily incidents. Three types of HAE have been identified:

  • Type I Hereditary Angioedema – HAE-I: Characterized by low levels of C1-INH​
  • Type II Hereditary Angioedema  – HAE-II: C1 Inhibitor normal but dysfunctional
  • Hereditary Angioedema with Normal C1-Inhibitor: Characterized by normal functioning C1-INH

When you are choosing a specialty pharmacy to support HAE patients, consider a team that is experienced in rare diseases, ready to listen, provides counseling on treatment, helps with side-effect management, and assists with sourcing third-party financial assistance. As part of the patient’s treatment, Orsini Specialty Pharmacy provides the following:

Access to HAE MedicationsChoose a specialty pharmacy that has access to available HAE medications. Orsini Specialty Pharmacy has access to the following  medications:

  • Berinert® C1 esterase inhibitor (human)
  • Cinryze® (C1 esterase inhibitor)
  • Firazyr® (icatibant injection)
  • Haegarda® C1 esterase inhibitor (human)
  • Kalbitor® (ecallantide)
  • Ruconest® C1 esterase inhibitor (recombinant)
  • Takhzyro® (lanadelumab-flyo) injection

HAE Care Team: Patients need an experienced HAE Care Team who provide information and support throughout their journey.  In addition to a dedicated and compassionate HAE Care Team, Orsini has a patient advocate on staff who has first-hand experience with HAE.

In-Home Patient and Family-Centric Care: Look for a specialty pharmacy that provides infusion nursing services. Orsini Specialty Pharmacy utilizes a nationwide nursing network, enabling patients and their families to receive care at home. With the ability to individually match our nurses with the skill and care level required by each patient, we create a unique tailored high touch opportunity to optimize their care plans and clinical outcomes.

Shipping & Coordination of Care: Patients receive free priority overnight delivery of medications and necessary medical supplies. Orsini manages care coordination between prescribers, sites of care, nurses, and patients.

Financial Assistance: HAE medications are costly and many patients cannot afford the co-pays associated with their health insurance. Upon request, Orsini helps eligible patients enroll in manufacturer co-pay and foundation support programs.

If you are a prescriber or physician office representative, click here to access HAE enrollment forms. In addition, you can always connect with your Orsini rep to schedule a call and answer any questions. If you are a prospective patient, click here to start your patient enrollment form.