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Choosing a Specialty Pharmacy to Support Tardive Dyskinesia Patients

Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) is a neurological movement disorder typically characterized by repetitive, involuntary movements of the jaw, lips, and tongue. Some individuals also experience involuntary rapid jerking movements or slow, writhing movements in the arms and legs.

“Tardive” means delayed or late, and “Dyskinesia” refers to involuntary muscle movements. With TD, there’s a delay between when a patient starts a medicine and when they develop dyskinesia. TD symptoms typically occur after several years of taking antipsychotic medications, although they can emerge within just a few months.1 TD is also related to prolonged use of medications for nausea, and medications that treat neurological disorders.2

When choosing a specialty pharmacy to support patients with Tardive Dyskinesia, it’s essential to consider a team experienced in rare diseases, ready to listen, provide counseling on treatment, help with side-effect management, and assist with sourcing third-party financial assistance.

Read more about our patients Joan and Wanda and their journeys with TD, and how Orsini has supported them both through the process.

As part of your Tardive Dyskinesia patient’s treatment, Orsini Specialty Pharmacy provides the following:

Access to MedicationsChoose a specialty pharmacy with access to Tardive Dyskinesia medications. Orsini Specialty Pharmacy has access to Austedo (deutetrabenazine) and Ingrezza (valbenazine).

Dedicated Care Team: Patients need an experienced care team who can provide information and support throughout their journey. The Tardive Dyskinesia Care Team includes a primary contact, clinical education, side-effects management, scheduled refill calls, and a direct phone, fax, and email address.

Shipping & Coordination of Care: Patients receive free priority overnight delivery of medications and necessary medical supplies. Orsini manages care coordination between prescribers, care sites, and patients.

Financial Assistance: Medications can be costly, and many patients cannot afford the co-pays associated with their health insurance. Orsini helps identify and assist in enrolling patients into manufacturer co-pay and foundation support programs.

24/7/365 Access to a Pharmacist: Choose a specialty pharmacy that can provide access to a pharmacist 24/7/365 to ensure patients always receive care when they need it.

If you are a prescriber or physician’s office representative, click here to access Tardive Dyskinesia enrollment forms. In addition, you can always connect with your Orsini rep to schedule a call and answer any questions. If you are a prospective patient, click here to start your patient enrollment form.