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Six Ways Orsini Ensures No Patient is Left Behind

Dealing with a rare disease or complex condition can be exhausting, stressful, frustrating, costly, and at times, frightening. Even the most resilient patients and knowledgeable caregivers can find themselves overwhelmed during the long road to diagnosis, only to discover new challenges involved in authorizing, affording, and receiving timely treatment. A dedicated specialty pharmacy partner can make an enormous difference in the journey by smoothing out road bumps, eliminating detours and wrong turns, and providing compassionate guidance all along the way.

At Orsini Specialty Pharmacy, our mission of ‘no patient left behind’ reflects how we do business every day:

From the moment we receive a patient referral, we work to make the process as seamless as possible. Our disease-specific Centers of Excellence put patients at the hub and surround them with Orsini experts dedicated to their individual care. Behind the scenes, other team members are expertly choreographing key steps of the patient experience. Every team member is highly trained on the specific disease state, therapies available, adverse events, quality compliance, and other relevant information. Below I share the six ways that Orsini’s patient-first approach ensures every question is answered, every source of assistance is accessible, and every patient feels exceptionally well cared for, heard, and supported.

1. Patient On-boarding
From the first moments of onboarding, our team members work swiftly and efficiently behind the scenes to enroll patients and verify their eligibility for coverage under pharmacy and medical benefits. The team shoulders responsibility for the arduous prior authorization process, helping to minimize frustrating delays and denials.

2. Therapy Care Teams
Our Therapy Care teams, specifically assigned to each patient, function as educators, liaisons, and compassionate advocates. Their continuous, dedicated outreach is key to our high-quality care, beginning with a welcome call to set up communications based on their preferences and teach patients the essentials of managing their medication, including proper storage and scheduling of refills.

3. Knowledgable & Compassionate Team Members
We make it easy for patients and caregivers to get the answers they need by providing continual access to Orsini’s compassionate experts. From first-time enrollment through refill requests, a knowledgeable Orsini team member is readily available to listen, advise and guide patients through their care journey. At each communication touchpoint, we always ask patients if they have any questions or want to consult with one of our pharmacists. We follow up by giving patients peace of mind with an after-hours number where they can reach an Orsini pharmacist 24/7.

4. Experienced Financial Assistance Experts
Armed with information regarding the individual’s benefits coverage, our experienced Financial Assistance experts help patients often access prohibitively costly therapies by enrolling them in copay assistance programs or financial assistance programs offered via foundations. We’re firm believers in handholding patients and their caregivers throughout the often time-intensive, detailed process required to receive funding assistance. We won’t let them go until their applications are approved.

5. In-home Infusion Therapy
When home infusion therapy is required, we identify and train a local nurse near the patient to care for the patient and conduct check-ins to confirm that all went well.

6. Pharmacists
Our pharmacists review every order to ensure it is correct before shipping it off promptly to patients. Emergency orders are given special attention to expedite the delivery of these life-saving therapies.

Orsini’s success has always been measured by the satisfaction of those we serve – pharmaceutical manufacturersphysicians, and payors dedicated to providing access to rare and complex disease therapies. Above all are our patients whose lives have been permanently altered by a journey none chose to take. It’s our privilege to help Emily, the mother of a patient with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, who revealed: “It’s like a sigh of relief when there’s somebody else on the other end of the phone who understands and can make things easy for us.” Or the father of a young patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, who told us: “Orsini reaches out and does it ahead of time, so he never goes without his medication, no matter what. They’ve always ensured it was here; we’ve never had to skip a dose or wait past the time it’s supposed to be administered.

Orsini is the leading independent specialty pharmacy that provides comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate care for patients with rare diseases and complex conditions. Connect with a member of our team to learn more about how our patient-first, high-touch care model can support your needs.